Secondary school

Secondary schools

• We have an assignment for your physics or chemistry class in our museum.
• We have a chapter from a book on fire prevention from 1925. On the basis of this chapter the students are asked to compare the past with the present.
• Students are asked to examine “unknown” objects.
• Guided by a lecture given by our founder in 1931, the history of the fire brigade can be traced through the items in the museum.
• With the aid of objects, pictures and documents pupils can investigate where the Wassenaar Fire Brigade used to be housed..
• The fire brigade language game teaches the pupils specific expressions used by the fire brigade.

You ask, we deliver
If you have a special request or a theme that you would like your class to learn about, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Dutch Reformed Church circa 1750

plaatje voortgezet onderwijs

plaatje voortgezet onderwijs 2