For the children

Primary schools

  • We have treasure hunts for various age groups. There are different ones for groups 3 and 4, groups 5 and 6 and for groups 7 and 8.
  • We have jigsaw puzzles, colouring pictures and printed paper models.
  • The children can wear firefighters’ clothing and helmets and experience what it is like to hold a jumping sheet.
  • We have guided tours and presentations on themes such as ‘the fire brigade saving animals’, ‘the jumping sheet’, ‘the sounds of the fire brigade’, ‘Jan van der Heijden’.
  • There are films about the fire brigade in the 1990s.
  • We have a lesson on Jan der Heijden.
  • We have a lesson on fire prevention.

You ask, we deliver
If you have a special request for your children we can offer a tailor-made programme. If you have a special subject in mind, please do not hesitate to discuss the possibilities with us.


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