Cycle route Van der Mark
During the fietsroute attention will be paid to other cultural heritage that was left by Van der Mark: The building that he designed and built.

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We are looking for details on firefighters from Wassenaar in 1916.

In the archives of the Fire Brigade Museum Wassenaar we have an employee list with names of the firefighters of the fire brigade of Wassenaar in 1916.

On the list we see familiar names in Wassenaar like Looijestein, Kouwenhoven, Knijnenburg, Van der Helm, Korbee, Noordoven, Overdevest and many others.

We would like to know more about these men who are mentioned on the list. A copy of the list can be downloaded.

Maybe your grandfather, great-grandfather , uncle, or another relative was a firefighter at the Fire Brigade Wassenaar in. Please let us know. You can help us with pictures, documents, newspaper articles or memories.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0629011009

We would like to host an event for the people of Wassenaar on this subject.